Ariel Bernstein is a multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, and recording engineer who has been playing music for over 25 years.  As a student of Jim Tiller, the Principal Percussionist and Assistant Principal Tympanist of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Ariel earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Percussion for Performance at the State University of New York, Geneseo.  Fluent in many styles of music on both drumset and percussion, Ariel is in high demand on the Boston music scene.

As well as performing, Ariel finds himself busy as a music teacher, helping to build an appreciation and understanding of music while working toward the different goals of each individual student.  As a recording engineer, his focus is on helping musicians create great representations of their work on an achievable budget.  He has put together boutique preamps and microphones in a completely portable setup that gives musicians access to gear that would normally be found only in big budget studios.

Please feel free to contact Ariel if you are interested in learning more about lessons or recording at 617 942 1615 or via email at ariel@arielbernstein.com.